Apartment Systems

Fire Alarms

  • Each unit has alarms in the hallway & master bedroom near the top of the wall
  • Building alarms are on each floor, on the catwalk near the elevator lobby and at each end of the building near the stairwells.

Procedures to follow when the alarm sounds – See Fire Safety Instructions

Smoke Alarms

  • Batteries will be replaced annually by the Mutual


  • To turn on the heat and adjust it, listen for a click and turn it back slightly. The Thermostats are inaccurate and need to be adjusted individually in each room.

Air Conditioner

  • Turn off Heat in every room before starting your air conditioner
  • Check Filter before starting
    o be sure it’s not in a plastic bag
    o be sure to replace a dirty (used one) with a clean one
  • New filters can be purchased from PPD
  • In cold weather, place the filter in a plastic bag in order to keep outside air from flowing into the condo.
  • Furniture and draperies should not be placed close enough to touch the heating units.

Master Water Valve

  • Located in the laundry area under the water heater
  • It should be easy to turn off in case of an emergency. If it cannot be easily turned, call the Board Secretary to arrange for a replacement (at no cost to the resident or owner)

Hot Water Heater

  • Be certain to check the pan under the heater frequently to check for leakage.

Washing Machine Valve

  • Be sure to turn it OFF when not in use
  • If you have a Symmons Valve (one that slides horizontally) and the water runs into your machine when it is in the ‘off’ position, call the Board Secretary to have it replaced with a Watts Valve (which operates vertically)

Dryer Filters

  • It is very important that you use the dryer screen and clean it after every use. When dryer lint accumulates, it is a fire hazard.
  • Dryer vents are cleaned every other year at Mutual expense. Date of last cleaning is on tag.

Garbage Disposals

  • Disposals should be run regularly, whether you use it or not, to keep pipes clear.
  • Run COLD water before, during and after putting material into the garbage disposal.
  • Do not put the following items into your garbage disposal: grease or oil, onion skins, celery, bones, fruit pits, corncobs, nut shells or other hard or stringy materials.