Effective November 2013

Use Restrictions

Ref: Bylaws Article IX, Section 1-3, pages 22-23

Caregivers: Any person 18 years of age or older who receives compensation for providing physical care or assistance to a Mutual resident on either a visiting or live-in basis will be considered a caregiver and is subject to the Bylaws and Rules of Mutual 14.

1. The resident must provide the Mutual with a note from a medical professional stating that a caregiver is required.
2. A live-in caregiver must:

a) Register with the Mutual and be issued a Mutual 14 Parking ID (if applicable) to be renewed every 3 months,
b) Reside in the same unit with the person who requires their services, and
c) Vacate the unit if the person requiring their services is away from the unit for more than 30 days.

[Download Mutual 14 Caregiver/Occupant Registration Form (PDF)]