Moving In & Out

April 2020

Procedures for Moving In – Moving Out of Mutual 14


Informing the Mutual

As soon you have a moving date, please notify our Mutual Assistant.

Moves and Deliveries

Moves and deliveries may be scheduled between 8:00am & 7:00pm, Monday through Saturday.

These hours have been approved by the Mutual Board of Directors and moving trucks will not be allowed through the community gates except at these times. In an emergency or special situation call the Mutual President in advance and an exception may be made.

Elevator Use for Apartments on 2nd and 3rd Floors

The elevator lobbies may be used for staging a reasonable amount of furnishings to be loaded on or off the elevator. The elevator should be loaded, unloaded, and promptly released so that it can be used by other residents of the building between trips.


Unit owners are charged a “move-in/move-out” fee for every resident change. This fee covers incidental damages. Unit owners may also be held responsible for other more substantial damages to Mutual property caused by employees of the unit owner or tenant during a move.

Removing Debris

  1. Any debris (other than ordinary household waste) resulting from work performed by an employee (moving company, delivery company, or contractor) is to be taken away by that employee, NOT put in the building’s trash room.
  2. All packing cartons emptied by the resident in the course of settling in should be flattened before placing in or near the recycling bin in the trash room or put on driveways for collection.
  3. Trash collection information is posted on the lobby bulletin board.

Emergency Telephone Numbers:

Physical Properties Department – 301-598-1500

Monday – Friday 8:30-4:30; after hours call Main Gate

Main Gate & Security – 301-598-1044