Who Pays for What?

A Guide to the Who Pays List – Mutual 14

The Who Pays list includes the most commonly required maintenance services, listed in alphabetical order. The list is intended to implement the policies and procedures established by Mutual 14, but the final interpretation and application of these policies and procedures is reserved for the Mutual 14 Board of Directors.

  • Services for maintenance, repairs, and replacements inside a unit are normally the responsibility of the unit owner or resident. Services followed by an (R) will be paid for by the unit owner or resident.
    “A unit” includes the flooring above the slab or subfloor, and the drywall of the perimeter walls & the ceiling (in houses it’s everything below the plywood roof sheathing). A unit also includes the windows, entry doors, and air conditioning system, and the pipes, wiring, valves, hoses, ducts, tubing, & the like that service only one unit, no matter where they are located.
  • Services followed by (M*) or (M/R) will be paid for by the Mutual or owner depending on the circumstances:

*Some services that would normally be an owner’s responsibility may be paid for by the Mutual in the interests of safety and/or cost effectiveness,

*Other services may be subject to the Maryland Condominium Act, Section 11-114(g) regarding the payment of the Master Policy’s insurance deductible by the unit owner where the cause of the damage originated.

  • Services for maintenance, repairs, or replacements in common areas are normally the responsibility of the Mutual. Services followed by an (M) will be paid for by the Mutual.

*Residents must contact our Mutual Assistant (301-598-1338) who will contact the  Physical Properties Dept. (PPD). Except in an emergency, residents who ask PPD to perform work normally performed by the Mutual, will be asked to pay for that work.

In the Event of an Emergency:
An emergency is defined as an event in which injury to a person, or damage or destruction to property is imminent.

  • During regular business hours call Physical Properties Dept. 301-598-1500.
  • After business hours or on holidays and weekends call the Security Main Gate 301-598-1044.
  • If the emergency service would normally be covered by the Mutual, report the event to our mutual assistant 301-598-1338 after the event has been handled.

You may download the 2016 List of Who Pays for What (PDF) here.