Emergency Robo-Calls


Mutual 14 has enrolled in a new notification program called OneCallNow. It is designed to efficiently notify many individuals with one pre-recorded message. During a situation requiring notification (such as a water leak that requires water to be shut off in one of the apartment buildings), you will receive a telephone call that states the caller as Mutual 14 and the telephone number shown as the Mutual Assistant’s 301-598-1338.

If you are not at home, the telephone call will transfer to your answering machine. If you would liike to add your cell phone number or e-mail address in addition to your home telephone number, you can do that by notifying our Mutual Assistant.

There will be two parts to each phone call – first, an introduction:

 “Please stand by for an important message from Mutual 14”

The second part of the message will be from one of the following:

  1. the President or another member of the Mutual’s Board of Directors
  2. the Mutual Assistant
  3. a Board member in charge of keeping the OneCallNow phone roster current 

The second part of the message will describe the issue and any action you should take.

We are sensitive to the number of unsolicited phone calls we all receive. We will keep these notifications to a minimum, balancing your safety and keeping you informed of important events with your right to privacy.