Renting a Unit in M14

April 2020

Use Restrictions

Ref: Bylaws Article IX, Section 2, pages 22-23

Amended December 2019*

* This page is not intended to be a complete rendering of the Mutual 14 Bylaws on this subject. For more detail, you are urged to access the 2019 Rental Bylaws Amendment [pp 3-4] which can be found under the Governing Documents tab.

Rentals and Tenants:

  1. The unit must be owned for at least twenty-four (24) consecutive months before it may be rented.
  2. Lease agreements must be in writing and for a term of not less than one (1) year. A copy of the lease must be filed with the Mutual Assistant.
  3. Unit owners and their tenants are each required to sign an addendum to their lease, and a copy of this document must be filed with the Mutual Assistant.
  4. Owners who rent their unit are required to apply for, and maintain, a license from Montgomery County and must give a copy of that license to the Mutual Assistant.  Contact the Montgomery County Department of Housing and Community Affairs – Licensing & Registration Unit at 240-777-3799.
  1. The Unit Owner must provide the Tenant with a copy of the Mutual 14 Rules and Procedures.
  2. A unit owner who fails to comply with these rules on Rentals and Tenants shall, along with their tenant, be subject to reasonable penalties, including the loss of privileges to use facilities under the control of the Mutual.
  3. Tenants must follow the instructions in “Moving In – Moving Out of Mutual 14”.
  4. Tenants must register with the Leisure World Registrar in order to receive a vehicle decal. The tenant will be asked to show proof of their age and sign an ‘age certification’.
  5. Tenants are urged to purchase HO-4 insurance to cover their personal belongings and furnishings in case of water or fire damage. Contact any insurance agent.