Fire Safety

April 2020


Apartment Units in Mutual 14

The safety of everyone in an apartment building depends on your response to a fire in your own apartment and to the alarm system signaling a fire in someone else’s apartment.

If there is a fire in your own apartment:

  • The smoke detector will alert you to a possible fire in your apartment.
  • Smoke detectors are not connected to any alarm system.
  • Leave your unit and close the door behind you. Do not lock the door!
  • Pull the Fire Alarm handle in the atrium or catwalk near a stairwell.
    • The Alarm will alert your neighbors to a potential problem.
    • The Alarm is NOT connected to the Fire Department or LW Security.
    • The Alarm IS connected to our monitoring service. They will call for help, but
    • The Alarm only tells our monitoring service there’s trouble in a certain section of the building.
  • Call 911 and give them the specific unit and nature of the trouble. Use a neighbor’s phone if necessary.
  • Do NOT use the elevator.

If you hear the Fire Alarm:

  • Leave your unit and close the door behind you. Do not lock the door!
  • Do not use the elevator.

Evacuating the Building:

  • Go to the lobby of the building across the street or next door.
  • Keep the lobby of your building, and the street, clear for fire vehicles, personnel, and equipment.
  • Do not go back to your apartment until given the ‘all clear’ by Fire Department personnel.

If you Need Assistance with walking or stairs:

  • Stay where you are!
  • Close the windows. Un-lock the front door.
  • If smoke is coming into the apartment, go into the main bedroom, close the door.
  • If smoke comes into the main bedroom, go into the bathroom and close the door.

Fire Department personnel will search all apartments, starting with those closest to the fire. They will find you and assist your evacuation.

  • If you feel you must leave your unit:
    • Do not lock the door.
    • Go to the end of the building or catwalk farthest from the fire activity.
    • Wait for a fireman to assist you.